The knowledge of optics is well funded in TWENSPEC. Optical configurations can de proposed and dimensioned for optimal performance. Ray trace calculations are one of the possibilities to test the optical design. Fields op experience: Waveguides, Lasers, Imaging systems, Microscopy, Raman and Fluorescence Microscopy, Fiber Optics, etc.


Currently Twenspec is developing a High resolution Raman spectrograph for Raman microscopy imaging techniques. A project in which the optics play a dominant role.

Mechanics Design

TWENSPEC can develop and manufacture professional- looking and functioning mechanical designs.

A prototype developnent project asigned toTwenspec in 2013: The development and small sersies production (6 instruments) of laboratry instruments in a european cancer research program. Twenspec had to develop an automated blood-sample collection instument. This asignment contained the work of manydisiplines; Fluid Control, Electronics, Optics, Mechanics and Software development.